What is Tigerbob?
The Tigerbob pixel tiger imagined in cashmere.
Tigerbob is a luxury fine art and fashion brand based on handmade tiger designs by Gossamer Rozen. Tigerbob is an artist-first brand owned and operated by GROZEN FA LLC, the sole proprietorship of artist and founder Gossamer Elysian Farris (a.k.a. Gossamer Rozen, grelysian).
A Tigerbob NFT token on a digital display.
The Tigerbob brand was created to support the artist by providing financial and social support needed to expand the reach of Gossamer's work, which is focused on one-of-a-kind fine art. In turn, Gossamer completes artistic initiatives in-line with the brand to grow the business' bottom line and social capital, through campaigns such as branded luxury merchandise and digital collectibles.
Tigerbob depicted by Gossamer in various media over the years.
What is the Tigerbob digital collectible?
Sample Tigerbobs showcasing the thirteen themes, or color schemes.
Tigerbob Genesis is a collection of 1,000 digital collectibles in the form of handmade pixel tigers heads. The images feature colors,and themes from Gossamer Rozen's growing body of work. The collection contains 13 signature themes, or color palettes, which dictate the mood and character of each type of Tigerbob. Gossamer has hand-selected each Tigerbob in the collection from over 1,000 designs.

The Tigerbob brand initiated with the Tigerbob Genesis digital collectible art sale in May 2022 with the purpose of gathering an initial round of funds necessary for the brand to begin operations and eventually expand. The Tigerbob Genesis Collection remains patrons' front row seat ticket to observe, collect, and participate in Gossamer's creative projects. To fully explore the perks for owning a Tigerbob Genesis digital collectible, the brand, and its direction, please see the Perks, Roadmap, and FAQ sections.