The Tigerbob Genesis Collection provides exclusive access to fine art, merchandise, and more by Gossamer Rozen.
Web3 Incentives and Digital Collectibles: Tigerbob Genesis
For friends and fans discovering Tigerbob through Gossamer's past work in tattoos and fine art, we've gathered some resources to provide an introduction to web3.

For web3-native fans, this page lists all current and future perks for holding a Tigerbob Genesis Collection digital collectible.

Please note that participation in web3 and digital collectibles (NFTs) will never be required to enjoy Tigerbob and Gossamer's work.

If you have questions you'd like to see addressed here, please email
What are digital collectibles, and why are they a big deal?
Digital collectibles are digital art pieces utilizing NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) technology.

NFTs are smart contracts, or records on the blockchain, that establish ownership of a unique asset. They can be accompanied by digital media like artwork, video, or music, and can also represent or authenticate “real world” items like tickets or luxury goods. NFTs provide a wide range of new ways for creators and brands to reward their fans, to provide access to exclusive goods and experiences, and to build community.

NFTs are just one of the many applications of blockchain technology that encompasses the web3 movement, which includes cryptocurrencies.

For Tigerbob, we utilize web3 with NFT technology in the form of digital collectibles, or digital art.

Here are some helpful introductory articles about web3 and NFTs:
Why is Tigerbob a digital collectible?
The Tigerbob brand utilizes NFTs as digital collectibles, displaying unique artwork with tokenized utilities to incentivize our community. These collectibles are also a utility token or ticket that provides exclusive incentives to the owner of the token.

Web3, NFTs, and digital collectibles allow Gossamer to build a career in line with their artistic vision. NFTs leverage what has been described as the 1,000 True Fans theory: that building a passionate community can sustain a creative enterprise, without the compromises inherent in traditional financing and business models.

The Tigerbob Genesis Collection sale allowed Gossamer to both expand their artistic reach and raise the start-up capital necessary to launch a traditional brand. Self-funding the project allowed Gossamer to retain the integrity of their artwork and products without needing to crowdfund, equity finance, take out a business loan, nor rely on angel investment or venture capital.

Self-funding the project and providing products and incentives to buyers also allows Gossamer to continue making art that honors and expresses their values as a human and artist. Perhaps even more importantly, Gossamer has connected with thousands of new supporters who share these values, and together the community are ambassadors to raise awareness for Tigerbob and Gossamer Rozen's work.

From gated, holders-only channels in our community Discord server to access to exclusive in-person events and more, the 1,000 Tigerbob Genesis digital collectibles confer benefits that allow Gossamer to recognize and reward the individuals who have helped to make this venture possible.
How can I safely buy, sell, and trade my digital collectibles?
There are several key concepts you should familiarize yourself with before buying your first digital collectible (NFT) – such as how to set up a digital wallet, how to secure your assets, and how to avert common pitfalls and scams. Here are a few resources to orient yourself:
We also recommend that you join the Tigerbob/Grelysian Discord server and follow @tigerbob_global on Twitter. There is a friendly community eager to address any questions you may have.
Tigerbob Genesis Collection Perks
The 1,000 tokens of the Tigerbob Genesis Collection provides exclusive access to fine art, merchandise, and more by Gossamer Rozen. Read on to learn about the perks exclusively available to Tigerbob Genesis holders.
Digital Collectible Air Drops
Building lore and narrative involves dropping new art. There's no better way to distribute this than to give Tigerbob holders exclusive access! Air drops are randomly distributed on the blockchain, then announced officially on the website and on social media. Our snapshot system ensures all Tigerbob holders will get a chance to receive at least one air drop before we begin doubling up.

Air drops occur from the Tigerbob Concepts & Myths Collection. Check the Art page for more information.
Allow List Access to Vetted Digital Collectible Projects
Tigerbob Genesis holders get exclusive access to future minted collections by Gossamer Rozen.

Tigerbob Genesis holders also get exclusive access to digital collectible primary sales with dedicated partner projects, which occur from time to time. Please check our social media for updates.
Exclusive Holder Channels in Discord
Tigerbob Genesis holders can participate in the robust Discord community.

Gossamer and the team are active in the chats and regularly involve the community by providing key information and alpha on the Tigerbob project and receiving community input on the brand.

With only 1,000 tokens, the potential to build a community filled with trust, friendship, and networking is unmatched. Our tigerbob holder chat is lovingly named “tigerproof” to pay homage to the PROOF collective, of which Gossamer is personally a member.
Coming Soon: Exclusive Access to One-Of-A-Kind Fine Art and Merchandise
Available Spring 2023

Your Tigerbob Genesis token gives you first dibs to purchase or claim exclusive merchandise and one-of-a-kind art pieces you can wear or display in your home. Mechanics will involve token-gated products on our online store, auctions, raffles, and more.
Coming Soon: Full-Body Tigerbob Digital Collectible
Available 2023

That's right - Tigerbob is getting a body! This digital collectible art drop will be exclusive to holders of the original 1,000 tokens. A mechanic will be introduced to combine your tigerbob head with a body to create a new, unique piece of artwork.

This project will be a primary sale for holders and will be announced in advance on our website and on social media.
Coming Soon: Exclusive In-Person Meetups and Events
Available 2023

We've gathered an intimate, tight-knit community around Tigerbob that is passionate about art and self-expression. Finding and forging this community online has been amazing, and the next step is to include the community in real-life events to experience the art in person.

Gossamer's work is very physical and tactile, so we're going to explore ways to gather the community together here in New York and around the world for museum meet-ups, art talks, merchandise pop-ups, and gallery events to celebrate the work and the community we've built together.