Fine Art and Narrative
Quite generally, more fine art is on the table and will always be the primary focus of Gossamer's work.

Future drops include a comic to tell the story of Tigerbob and the Gossamer Rozen universe, larger works of fine art to represent Gossamer and Tigerbob in formal galleries and exclusive fine art platforms such as Super Rare, continued artistic collaborations with traditional and web3 brands and more; and finally, one of a kind physical art pieces and merchandise linked to NFTs with NFC technology.

New drops and projects will be announced over time. Please see the Art and Links pages for a complete list of all art drops and licensed products by Gossamer.
Fashion and Merchandise
Tigerbob is a luxury fine art and fashion brand. With a focus on the bespoke and traditional nature of handmade clothing, Gossamer presents a unique and sustainable fashion line for everyone that celebrates slow fashion and the age-old processes of weaving, knitting, and hand sewing.
From left to right: Swatches with Tigerbob designs; a Tigerbob piece in progress on Gossamer's domestic knitting machine.
Gossamer has been creating merchandise - from stickers, handmade zines, prints, clothing, and one-of-a-kind plush toys - since 2008. Gossamer formally began their Gossamer Rozen fashion brand composed of one-of-a-kind handmade clothing in 2020, which sold out immediately.
Examples of handmade clothing composed from vintage and antique textiles made and sold in 2020.
Tigerbob will continue this path by incorporating bespoke, custom, one-of-a-kind clothing and made-to-order manufactured knitwear. We take our time sourcing and researching individual manufacturers to ensure they adhere to our high standards of sustainability, care, and attention to each product produced along every part of the supply chain. We have plans to manufacture plush toys and pillows, home goods, collectible sculptures, and more.

Our first line of products will be released in late January 2023.
Metaverse and Gaming
Exploration of the Tigerbob Genesis Collection in the metaverse is underway. Most of the brand's work in the metaverse sector is highly experimental and will incorporate branding into the finished work - expanding art into the user experience.

Projects exploring metaverse and gaming are secondary and supplementary to fine art, digital collectibles, and luxury merchandise.

Gossamer is an avid gamer and has taken interest in game design since they got their first Nintendo 64 in grade school. Gossamer spent time as a teenager job-shadowing the company Harmonix Music Systems, and completed an internship in Production for the company in 2009. Web3 is Gossamer's first opportunity to both fund and produce games in the role of concept artist and art director in collaboration with like-minded builders.
Collaboration is an exciting part of Gossamer's work. A future Tigerbob digital art collection will feature interpretations of the signature tiger by well-known and emerging artists.

An update will be made on our website and on social media when we are ready to introduce collaborations and collaborative artwork to the brand.